Timeline of Chabad of the Northwest

Servicing WA, AK, ID, OR, BC & AB

A 33 year journey

October 15th, 1972

Chabad regional office established for the Northwest

Rabbi Sholom Ber and Chanie Levitin

April 1973

Open first Chabad House

Chabad Student Center @ the UW

Rabbi Yosef and Chashie Samuels

Summer 1974

Open Jewish Day Camp - Camp Gan Israel

September 1974

Seattle Cheder established

November 1974

New Center – Chabad of Vancouver, BC

Rabbi Yitzchok and Henia Weinberg

April 1975

Expand educational activities

Chabad Educational Director

Rabbi Yechezkel and Devorah Kornfeld

September 1975

Established special program for

Jewish inmates in state prison system

November 1975

Purchase new Chabad House – 4541 19th Ave. NE Seattle

With the support of Mr. Joseph Russak

Winter 1976

Spearheaded special outreach programs for

Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union

Summer 1976 – (12 year program)

Open Yeshivah Gedolah - Rabbinical Seminary

(Today over 100 former students serve as

 rabbis educators around the Globe.

 Rabbi Leibel and Rochel Kaplan

June 1977

Rabbi Avrohom and Shprintze Kavka

Join the Chabad staff as Program Coordinators

Winter 1978

Founded N’shei Chabad - women’s programs, WA

Rebbetzin Chanie Levitin, President

December 1979

First Weekly Jewish Radio Program “Shema Yisroel”

Host Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin

Winter 1980

Jewish cable show on public access

Host Rabbi Yechezkel Kornfeld

Summer 1980

New Center – Chabad of Kitsilano, BC

Rabbi Lipa and Dina Dubrawsky

Fall 1982

Chabad establishes first kosher eatery

Kosher Delight, downtown Seattle

Winter 1983

New Center – Chabad of Calgary, AB

Rabbi Menachem and Rochel Matusof

Summer 1985

Founded, Congregation Shaarei Tefilah Lubavitch, In Seattle

In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Leib and Nechama Strauss

Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin, spiritual leader

Fall 1985

New Center – Chabad of Portland, OR

Rabbi Moshe and Devorah Wilhelm

September 1985

New Jewish Day-care program

Rebbetzin Shprintze Kavka

Summer 1987

Purchase of Additional Chabad Student Housing –

4533 19th Ave. NE Seattle

With the support of – Mr. and Mrs. Max Gurvitch, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Pollack, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Pruzan, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russak, Mr. Martin Selig, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stroum

Winter 1988

New Center – Chabad of Edmonton, AB

Rabbi Ari and Rivkah Drelich

September 1989

New Center – Chabad of Surrey, BC

Rabbi Falik and Simie Schtroks

August 1991

Co-Founded – Vaad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle

Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin, Mr. Al Maimon

December 1991

Established the Torah Network Program, WA

Summer 1991

New Center – Chabad of Anchorage Alaska

Rabbi Yosef and Esther Greenberg

September 1991

Congregation Shaarei Tefilla Lubavitch

moves to new location – Crestview apt.

With the support of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goldberg

Fall 1992

New Center – Chabad of Richmond, BC

Rabbi Yechiel and Chana Baitelman

Winter 1994

New Chabad Center – Eastside Torah Center, Bellevue, WA

New program – Chabad @ Microsoft

Rabbi Mordechai and Rochie Farkash

September 1996

Chabad partners with congregation Shevet Achim, Mercer Island

New Rabbinical position, Rabbi Yechezkel and Devorah Kornfeld

Chabad of Mercer Island

Summer 1998

Opened - Chaya Muskah Jewish Public Library, WA

Rabbi Alter and Debbie Levitin

March 1999

Chabad Seattle Cheder becomes

The Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder, MMSC – Day School

Tziviah Goldberg, Principal

Fall 2001

New Program, Community Talmud Torah – Eastside, WA

Rochie Farkash, Director

Fall 2002

New Program - “Women’s Learning Circle”, WA

Esther Bogomilsky, Director

Summer 2002

New Center – Chabad of Eugene, OR

Rabbi Asi and Aviva Spiegel

August 2003

New Building – Congregation Shaarei Tefilah Lubavitch

Dr. Yossi Greenberg, President

September 2003

New Jewish Holiday Publication – Chai Gazette

October 2003

Established Jewish Talk Radio show – Shmooze Radio 1300 KOL AM

Hosts Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky, Moti Krauthammer

October 2003

New Center – The Friendship Circle, WA

Rabbi Elazar and Esther Bogomilsky

Winter 2003

New Center – Chabad of Peirce County, WA

Rabbi Zalman and Miriam Heber

Summer 2003

New Center – Chabad of Vancouver Island, Canada

Rabbi Meir and Chanie Kaplan

April 2004

New Mikvah of the Eastside – Mikvah Mei Menachem

Summer 2003

New Center – Chabad Clark County WA

Rabbi Shmulik and Tzivi Greenberg

Summer 2003

Expansion of the – Menachem Mendle Seattle Cheder - Day School

Rabbi Yossi and Toba Leah Charytan, Principal

Rabbi Yehoshua and Yehudis Fuchs, Judaic Study Specialist

Tziviah Goldberg, Director of Development

Summer 2004

New Center – Chabad of Issaquah, WA

Rabbi Berry and Nechama Farkash

Summer 2004

New Center – Chabad of Ashland, OR

Rabbi Avi and Faigy Zwiebel

September 2004

New Director – Chabad of UW

Rabbi Eli and Chaya Estrin

September 2004

New Director – Chabad @ Microsoft

Rabbi Mordi and Suri Hecht

September 2004

New Center – Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho

Rabbi Mendle and Esther Lifshitz

April 2005

New Mikvah in Seattle – Mikvah Yisroel - Mei Menachem

Rebbetzin Chanie Levitin, President

September 2005

NW Friends of Chabad, WA

Rabbi Elazar and Esther Bogomilsky

October 2005

New Center – Chabad of Whatcom County, WA

Rabbi Levi and Hadassah Backman

June 2007

New Center - Chabad of Spokane County, WA

Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Hahn

August 2007

New Center - Chabad of Thurston County, WA

Rabbi Chezki and Chava Edelman

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